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My toddler is hilarious. Well, I think so anyway. Oh! Before I forget, he’s doing well these days.  He seems to have gotten over the constant tantrums – yay!  Of course, he still throws a tantrum or two but...

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Toddler Days

We’re entering the fun days of toddlerhood. No, seriously. There’s just so much going on. Baby E is learning how to communicate what he wants and express understanding. He can bring me things and even follow other...

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Confessions of a Slacker Mom

One of my friends recently sent me a message that she thought I was Super Mom.  I’m sure that she meant it as a compliment, which is how I took it.  Then, I started thinking about it and wondering if that’s what...

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We Cut the Curls!

Well, the poll ended up being 50/50 for cutting/keeping the curls.  I love the curls, but it really was starting to get out of control.  It was looking frizzy and hair was going everywhere.  When wet, Baby E’s hair would...

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This Mom Has a New Plan

I know that I’m risking some serious flack for even broaching the subject, but it has to be done.  The saying about the grass being greener on the other side is so true.  When I was a working mom I dreamed of what it would...

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Cheatin’ Mommy Cookie Kit

Now, get your minds out of the gutter.  I didn’t say Cheatin’ Wifey!!  Sorry, just had to clarify that.  I got this cool kit from my MOPS group as the prize for the best dish at one of our last meetings in 2010.  It...

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