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Jammie Day Brings New Storage

Sunday 4 out of 5 us were down with some icky sinus virus. The hubs and I officially declared it a rest and relax day (which includes wearing jammies all day). The kids were overjoyed (okay, I was too). Baby E loved this new...

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Mayhem, Mayhem Everywhere

It’s been crazy here.  Poor Baby E went from teething right down to fevers, runny nose and a cough in record time.  Yesterday he was so lethargic that he only wanted to be held (which is very unusual for him).  He...

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Where am I?

Seriously.  Sorry, I’ve been missing all week.  It’s been full of mayhem and craziness.  Poor Baby E had a terrible ear infection and suffered a ruptured ear drum.  Needless suffering in my opinion.  After days of...

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Icky Sickies

Well that didn’t take long.  One month into school and almost everyone in the house is sick.  The hubby has some sort of great immune system so he only brings home the really bad stuff.  So far he’s the only not...

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