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Tween TV

When you have a tween there’s so much that you must endure.  One of them is the tween TV shows.  Actually, some aren’t that bad. The favorite right now is House of Anubis.  She’s so addicted to this show that...

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Winding Down Summer Vacation

As summer winds down and we begin to prepare for getting back to school, our Summer Vacation Orientation guidelines quickly drift from our daily practices.  Actually, looking back, the only guideline that actually stuck for any...

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Sewing Success

A really loved the sewing classes she took this summer.  Remember when I mentioned that middle schools around here eliminated sewing classes?  Now she is planning several projects!  There’s trick-or-treat bags and even...

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What Happened to Home Economics?

I’m not sure how long ago, but they don’t teach sewing and cooking in the middle schools anymore (at least here). I’m shocked.  That’s when I learned to how to sew.  I spent a lot of my high school years...

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