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Goodbye Sweet Nicky

We knew this day was coming. At 15 years old, my sweet kitty was getting up there in years. Our kittens were a sort of wedding present to each other. I knew I wanted a kitty and since I was working full-time, I thought that two...

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You Capture – Animals

Where did all the chipmunks and squirrels go?  One morning this week there were at least 3 squirrels running around my backyard and up on my deck (right next to our sliding glass door).  When the squirrels would go running up...

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Rest In Peace Ziggy

Do you remember the car commercial for the Cadillac – “The Caddy that Zigs”?  And they would show the car going down a zig-zag type road.  Well Ziggy was a hyper little kitten.  She would literally climb up...

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