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Sunday Funnies

Friday we celebrated football season being over by going out to dinner at Casa Real. (Football season for the kids and hubby.) It was so yummy! I think A has a new favorite restaurant. Their kids menu was very entertaining. Not...

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Adventures in Ghosting

Remember back when I told you that we had been Ghosted?  Well, it was then our job to Ghost 2 neighbors. In the case that some of my neighbors were readers, I didn’t want to post our adventure until after Halloween. G and...

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Father’s Day Flashback

Summer brings good eats and splashing fun.  My kids sure don’t think that they get enough of the splashing.  So, like the deprived children they are, we spent the beginning of summer having a splashing good time. My...

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Snuggles and Cuteness

Today was a dark, overcast day.  It was hard to get motivated to go out.  Baby E rubbed his eyes most of the day; which I took as a warning that he didn’t want to go out either. I still have 2 containers of formula to...

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