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Puppy Damage

You know, when the puppy trainer suggests that you leave the leash on your puppy when she is in the house, it sounds like a great idea. In fact, it still is a great idea. You just need to use some common sense, which I...

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Goals for 2012

I love setting goals for the new year, but I’m normally horrible at follow through. So, this year, my goals are going to be simple and hopefully will stick. Have a date night with my hubby once a month. We rarely get out,...

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I’ve Made it Halfway!

You remember that I’m taking the NaBloPoMo challenge this month, right? It has been quite a challenge but I can say that it is getting easier (as I sit here at 11:15 PM writing this post).  It’s starting to become a...

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Fashion Confession

Okay, it’s probably time I admit it. I have a favorite pair of pants. Well, yoga pants actually, but I don’t do yoga. I wear them around the house and even out for errands. They are the most comfortable pair of pants...

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