Catch Up!

So, as I’ve said, it’s been really busy here. I thought I should share a little about our fall and winter to catch you up.

Here are some of our key highlights:

  • Color Guard in the Marching Band – Practices, Football Games and Competitions
  • Cub Scouts
  • Started Preschool and back to Tiny Tots
  • Winter Guard – Practices and Competitions
  • Holidays, Birthdays, Play Dates
  • No More Braces!

Life shows no signs of slowing down, only speeding up!

Catch Up Here!

I’ve discovered, sadly, that amidst the busy schedule, I was not good about capturing memories on photos. I better work on that. I will be sad some day to find myself without photos of my children growing up.

How to you keep up? Do you fill up your phone with photos? Do you still carry around a camera? I’d love to know. Ideas will help get me back on track.