Ultimate Blog Party

If you’re hopping over from the Ultimate Blog Party, Welcome!

I just moved to my own domain after blogging for a few years at wordpress.com. I’ve partied with the Ultimate Blog Party 2 times before a couple of years ago and I’m really excited about partying again and finding more blogs to fall in love with.

I mostly share stories about all the mayhem and craziness that goes on in our house. I like to mix things up by posting recipes, creative projects and maybe a homemaking post here or there. I’m hoping to start including some vlogs. My preschooler has lots to say, so I’m going to capture his wisdom. He can probably teach us a thing or two about technology too. He’s taught me lots of tricks for using my iPad.

I’ve put together a short list of my most popular posts. Check them out, peek around, and stay a while.

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Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon! Be sure to leave a comment and I’ll make sure I visit your blog too! Have fun celebrating the Ultimate Blog Party!