I do! There’s just something great about being able to read outside with a cup of coffee or your favorite drink.

My son, he doesn’t love summer reading or reading at any time. He just doesn’t find the joy that his sister has found with books. He’s a little behind in his reading level and we can’t just let him take the summer off. He needs to keep working through it.

After searching online and Pinterest for Reading Logs, I couldn’t find one that met all my needs. So, I made my own. 🙂 I wanted to be able to track minutes, pages and Accelerated Reader (AR) test numbers.

The schools here use AR program. Now that I understand how to choose books, I’m really liking it. If you know your child’s book level, you can use AR BookFinder to look up titles of books at the library, store or ones you already have. The website will also tell you the test number and the number of points it is worth.

The kids can take the tests at school and earn points. They have a point goal that they try to reach for each marking period.

Reading Log

Here’s our reading log, it’s saved as a PDF and it’s free for download – just click on the picture.

Summer Reading Log

I’m hoping that the fun colors will help my child get excited about summer reading. LOL! What am I saying?! It won’t help. It will be torture for both of us, but it’s for his own good.

Enjoy the printable!