Yay! Uh… I mean… Awe…

Yes, the first day of school has come and blasted by. Fall activities are in full swing. We’re running around like crazy most weekdays evenings. There’s football practice, cheer practice, puppy classes, church committee meetings, youth group meetings and more.

Late August, I was really ready to get back to a routine. And, yes, I am enjoying it. One of the biggest school year changes for me is that Baby E no longer sleeps in, so no going back to bed once the bigger kids are off on the school bus. I know ‘boo hoo’ – there moms that are up at 6 AM. I’m getting used to it – slowly.

During the first school day, we had a sick puppy and Baby E. That made for a challenging day. Since then we’ve had Naptime fights – let’s say that Baby E has learned a new trick. Whenever he has to do something he doesn’t want to do (like time out or nap), he shoves his hand down his throat and makes himself throw up. Neato.

On a good note, it looks like Maizey is potty trained! Whoo! Hoo! I still wouldn’t leave her alone in the house (uncrated), but the only accidents she’s had in the last few weeks have been our fault for not paying attention.

How was your first week of back-to-school?