Tonight was Homecoming. My bigger kids were part of the parade. “A” plays the clarinet in the 8th grade band and “G” is in the youth football program. Baby E and I got a great view of the whole parade (and a nice long walk). Besides finding his brother and sister in the crowd, his favorite was the firetrucks.

Afterward, hubby took “G” to the game and “A” was part of the pre-grame show with the band. The turn out is huge at our Homecoming games. Before Baby E, we all went one year and the home side was completely packed so we had to sit on the visitors side. I can’t believe how many people can get crammed into those stands. So, Baby E and I opted out of dealing with crowds and chaos – especially after bedtime.

Baby E and I had a date. We stopped off at McD’s for dinner (I know not such a healthy choice, but it was almost 7 PM and I wasn’t cooking for 2). I drove home and had an awesome idea. The weather here was beautiful today. So, I rolled down the windows and let Baby E sit in the front seat next to me. We had the radio on and ate our dinner using these awesome baskets (ahem, a Pinterest find).

Baby E loves to sit in the front seat – probably because it’s never allowed. This kid was in heaven and he even ate all his dinner. Then we went inside and picked out a movie – Cars. My favorite part of the night was when he asked me “Momma, what’s your name?” I said, “Amanda”. He said, “Noooo, it’s Momma” and just laughed and laughed. I got him to actually say my name once but he still didn’t believe me.

I even got extra hugs and snuggles while we watched our movie. Okay… So he half snuggled with me and when he got bored with the movie, he was off to annoy the dog or play with his toys, but I still really enjoyed our night.  🙂

PS – So, yeah, my real name is Amanda. Not a shocker though, right? I actually prefer Manda and most people never pronounce the “A” anyway.