You know how kids say the cutest things? Well, I really want to remember some of them cuz they are just too darn funny.

Recently, I put a dress on to go out to eat. When Baby E saw me he said “Mommy princess”. How awesome is that!? I wore a dress again for a wedding and he called me a princess again.  What’s so wonderful besides being called a princess is that he wanted to sit right next to me too. Toddler are so awesome.

Sometimes the fun doesn’t stop with toddlers. Sometimes those 9 year old boys come up with great stuff too. I was working on my computer, watching a movie and thinking about our busy plans for the next day. I told my husband that I was feeling a little stressed out. That’s when “G” responded with “Oh,  mom do you need some food?” I was very confused about why he would think I needed food if I was stressed. But, then “G” clarified – “Well, Dad said that if you were crabby, you needed food.” Hilarious. I really got a laugh about that.

Part of me was wondering why my husband felt the need to educate the kids about my need for food if I was crabby. I am hypoglycemic, so maybe he was trying to be helpful? When I asked him about it he said that he never said anything to the kids about me needing food.  So, this is something that “G” figured out on his own. Uh, I guess I’m too predictable.