After losing our kitty, we knew that we wanted another pet, but we were not ready then. We decided that we would like to add a dog to our family. We started by making a short list of our favorite breeds. By the way, a great place to find out about different dog breeds is Animal Planet. Our list was Brittany, Boston Terrier and Springer Spaniel. We wanted a dog that wouldn’t be too small but would be great with kids (and maybe a future kitty).

The hubs and I did some pre-shopping a little while ago and snuggled various cats and dogs from the local rescue. Most of the rescue dogs around us are pit bull mix breeds. While I don’t have a huge issue with pit bulls, I was still a little nervous (we have a 2 year old toddler and all). Plus, pit bulls are big dogs and we wanted a smaller type dog to go with our smaller type house. We also decided that we wanted to get a dog first and maybe (maybe) consider adding a cat later.

So, seriously about 2 days after hubby and I decided to start looking for a dog, he found an internet ad for Brittany puppies. The next day we were on a little drive to go check them out and we ended up coming home with one!

Here’s Maizey! She’s such a sweetie!

We’ve had her for a little over a week now. She’s doing pretty well on potty training and is sleeping through most of the night. Okay, she sleeps until about 6:30 AM which is probably through the night for most people, not for me. Luckily, hubby is an early riser. 🙂 In the evening, Maizey has her crazy time. She runs around the house, plays with her toys and is generally a wild and crazy puppy. After that, she’s out for a nap.

Just cuz I think she’s so adorable, here’s some more photos

She’s already earned herself a few nick names: Crazy Maizey, Lazy Maizey, Ah-Maizey and Maizey Mae. She knows her name and unless she’s found a scent that totally has her attention, she will run to you when you call her.

A and G love her. Baby E says “I wuv puppies!” Baby E is doing pretty good with her. He loves to play with her but he tends to be a little rough so we really need to watch him. We think that Maizey thinks he’s another puppy. She’ll climb on him and lick him while he giggles and squeals – it’s really fun to watch.

We just really love her!