I never posted about my homemade playdough failure. But, yes, I tried to make some and it was a horrible globby mess. It stuck to everything and then finally (after I got it all over my hands and table), I threw it in the trash. Now, almost a year later, I mustered enough courage to try it again. Where did I find the recipe? Pinterest! Where else?

Thank you to Erika at Musings from a Stay At Home Mom for her inspiring post. Please follow the link to her blog for the recipe. She has excellent photos of each step.

It was so simple and it turned out great in mere minutes. It was Baby E’s first time with playdough. He was a little nervous to start playing, but when A joined in, they played for at least an hour. (So, even a great project for tweens!)

Check out A’s mermaid! Pretty cool, huh?

Looking for an easy project without a lot of mess to clean up? Try this!