Why is it so hard to find toddler Apps for Android? Is everyone using an iPhone? Don’t answer that – I’ll assume “yes”.  I got tired of my toddler attempting to play games that weren’t really for his age and then clicking ads or getting into my contacts. Not cool.

I tried to search for some reviews of toddler Apps – even on Pinterest, but unless you have an iPhone, you’re pretty much out of luck. So, I jumped in and read a few reviews in the Google Play Store and here’s what I found:

Animated Toddler Puzzles – Cars – FREE (sorta, $1.99 for full version)
by FridgeCat Software

Baby E loves this game! I downloaded the free version only to find out that you get 3 puzzles – that’s it. You pick the puzzle, then slide the pieces into the picture. It looks like you are putting together a wood puzzle. I was a little annoyed that there were only a few pieces to the puzzle, but then, I reminded myself that it’s a puzzle for a toddler, not me. Once complete, the car drives off – you can touch the car to make it honk too. Baby E loved it so much, I decided to fork out the money and pay for the full version. It does seem like a lot for about 10 puzzles.

Kids ABC Letters Lite – FREE ($3.99 for full version)
by Intellijoy

In this game, there’s a place to Name, Form, Recognize and Identify Letters. The interface is pretty cute – set up like a cork board with colorful post-it notes. In the Recognize Letters section, you go fishing for letters. Baby E loved fishing for letters – maybe too much – he didn’t care if he caught the correct letter or not.  Right now (says until June 1) you can get all of the letters for FREE. Normally, the free version only includes A-H. So download now if you’re looking to try out the whole thing.

Toddler Tapping Zoo  $0.99
by Tiptap

Baby E had tried this game on my friend’s phone. It kept him occupied for a nice while (while I enjoyed some coffee with friends). This game was also one of the few reviews I found on Pinterest. So, I just jumped right in and paid for it. The photos are crisp and animal sounds are fun.

Toddler Fun – Free
by Geekk

Eh, it was free and looked interesting. The reviews were great. It doesn’t do much but I tell you Baby E loves this one too. You choose between Stars, Fireworks, Draw and Connect. In each of these, you start the action by touching the screen. The Stars burst out in loads of color every time you touch the screen. Same with the Fireworks and they are pretty cool to watch. Baby E didn’t have the patience to Draw or Connect the dots, but that’s something he may want to do later. Once the dots are connected, you get fireworks. Nice, visual and free.

Kid Mode: Free Games + Loc – Free
by Zoodles

Now, after all those games were loaded, I still didn’t want him to accidentally get out of a game and go exploring. So I found an app that makes a menu of games just for him. First, you create a profile for each child and select their age range. Then, the app suggests other apps on your phone that might be age appropriate. You can unselect any that you don’t agree with and you can add apps that it didn’t find.  There are also some other fun items that come in this app, like a drawing page and some kid videos. Baby E can navigate the menus without help. And, the best news is that it actually does keep him from exploring my phone. There is a Premium feature that I won’t be trying out (at something like $7.95 a month!). I like it and it will stay for now. I might look around to see what else is out there.

So, I’ve got some games and some security. Now all I have to do is make sure that I carry my charger with me everywhere I go. This stuff really drains the battery!