Gross. Just gross. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to tell my toddler that this past week. I’m thankful that he hasn’t tried eating it yet.

Yep, we’re potty training. At least… We’re trying to potty train. It’s quite a challenge. Either my brain has totally erased my memory of training the other two kids or I really, really need to thank the kids’ day care providers again (and again – I mean profusely). I’m not doing so well. In fact, I’m thinking that I need to maybe take a break and compile a plan.

I know what you are thinking. Maybe he’s just not ready. And, maybe he’s not. But then we must somehow convince him that he needs to keep his diaper on. As soon as he messes it, he takes it off. I’ve tried he backwards diaper – no luck plus he peed out the side of it. We even tried one of those cloth diaper covers with snaps over his diaper. I found it and his diaper in the hallway and him standing in a puddle of pee. Ugh!

He’s totally infatuated with throwing things into the toilet. I’ve had to clean everything that wasn’t attached out of the bathroom. Even the toilet paper!! That sits on the window sill (how classy).

At least I know now that when he says “Mama Chocolate”, I need to run over to him and immediately change him before it ends up on the floor.