We knew this day was coming. At 15 years old, my sweet kitty was getting up there in years. Our kittens were a sort of wedding present to each other. I knew I wanted a kitty and since I was working full-time, I thought that two could keep each other company. We lucked out and found two rescued kittens that were actual sisters.

Ziggy was our hyper kitty. We often called her dog-cat. She would fetch and often had the personality of a dog. Snickers was our sweet, quiet kitty. When Ziggy was around, Snickers preferred to stay out of the way – maybe even in a different room. Sometimes I would find them snuggled up and sleeping together. We lost Ziggy in 2010 due to renal failure.

Since then, Snickers really came out of her shell. She was still shy but she liked to be in the same room as the family but at a safe distance. Once the kiddos were in bed, she would often lay on the couch next to me. She could be found in the morning sunbathing on the hardwood floor in front of the sliding glass door. In the evening, she could be found curled up an a ball in front of the refrigerator.

Snickers     4/1/1997 – 4/26/2012

I had gotten into the habit of calling her my Baby Girl. Other nicknames were Nicky, Nicky-doodles, sweet-nickers – she’d answer to all. She could hear the sound of cheese being taken out of the fridge. She LOVED cheese. She would beg, meow, bat at your feet until you gave her some.

She decided she didn’t like hubby so much several years ago when he brought a D-O-G into the house. Oh she was so mad!! Eventually, she would tolerate him (hubby not the dog). She loved her morning belly rubs that hubby would give her. He told me that it had become such a thing that if he passed by her without doing belly rubs, she would chase him down and head-but him until he gave her a belly rub.

Yesterday we said goodbye to Snickers. She was suffering something neurological. It came on quite quickly and yesterday was unexpected. The kids are heartbroken – so am I.

Goodbye Sweet Nicky may you be in peace and know that you are loved.