What? Um yeah, I thought that I would move away from all my food posts today and give you a little peek into my toddler’s world.

First, there’s Stump. He’s a… a… lizard? Gecko? Oh, I’m so bad at the whole animal name thing. He belongs to my sister-in-law but he’s been living at my mother-in-law’s (Geema’s) house. My kids love to play with Stump. To the surprise of many, I even held him for a short while. Here he is.

Then there’s Eeechy Birds (or Icky Birds or the real name Angry Birds). Baby E is obsessed with them. G is quite a fan too. In fact, Baby E gave G 2 Angry Birds for Christmas. They have found ways to play without being in front of the computer (or cell phone or Kindle Fire). G has recycled toilet paper tubes and uses them to build walls around the pig. Then, they take turns tossing the bird at the pig. Serious hours of fun.

I have no idea what he’s saying. LOL!

Have a great weekend!