C’mon… Most of us moms have them. I fear constantly cleaning up pee puddles, even worse poop messes. I also have fears about how long it will take. Yuck! I really don’t handle it well. But… I can deal with it – I have to.

Really… My potty training fears lie here… The public restroom. Amber from Parenting – Illustrated with Crappy Pictures has an awesome blog. If you are potty training, I suggest you go read her article on Public Toilets vs Newly Potty Trained Girls and Boys. It’s where I found this horrifying picture. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And, then seriously need to come up with a plan.

Just ewe!

We started potty training this week. It’s going okay. We’ve had a few successes and a few misses. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but most potty training goes this way, right?

I’m taking the clue from Baby E. He hates wet diapers and messy diapers. So much that he will just take it off instead of waiting for me to change it. You know, the whole 2 minutes it takes me to get to his room in the morning or after a nap.

I’m sure there’s more fun to come! Stay tuned!