Baby E was given a puppy pop up tent for Christmas. He LOVES it. Love might be an understatement. You should know that it took 2 adults (and about 30 minutes) to fold this thing back up in its circular case. Now that I’ve done it over a dozen or so times, I can fold it up in seconds and look like Houdini while doing it. 🙂

As many moms of toddlers (babies/kids) are, I’m obsessed with trying to capture those moments forever. So, I’m often snapping photos. It’s so great! This puppy tent has a screen at the top so I can see in.

Last week when we had a friend over, I tried to get some more pictures of them playing in the tent. They gathered all the stuffed puppies in the house and put them inside the tent. I thought it was so cute. Anyway, they were on to me. I grabbed the camera to snap a photo but they used a stuffed puppy to block their faces. I felt like such a Mamarazzi.

Oh well. Fun was had by all – even me.