I love setting goals for the new year, but I’m normally horrible at follow through. So, this year, my goals are going to be simple and hopefully will stick.

  • Have a date night with my hubby once a month. We rarely get out, but with our new live in babysitter (our daughter) this should be more possible.
  • Do something creative at least once a month. I would like this to be weekly, but let’s be realistic, I have 3 kids with activities, a house to clean, and am the leader of a MOPS group. Sometimes, something has to give. It is normally my creative projects, so committing to do something monthly will be an improvement.
  • Read 1 book each month. I’ve never been a big reader but in 2011, I really started reading and enjoy it – a lot. I’ve read at least 15 books in 2011. Right now, I’m reading The Help.
  • Continue to help others. In 2011, my daughter and I hosted a pillow case event for ConKerr Cancer and we recently volunteered to help sew heart-shaped pillows for a breast surgeon to give to his patients after surgery. We also helped out with gifts for families in need in our community and donated 3 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I hope that we can do all that and more in 2012.
  • Focus on my health. Okay, this one isn’t so simple but it’s important. I’ve become a marshmallow. It’s not about losing a particular amount of pounds or inches. I need to continue to focus on eating healthy and add in exercise. I hate exercising. Seriously, I know it’s important, but I hate sweating, getting out of breathe and I really hate hurting afterward. But, I do know the rewards of exercise. A few years ago, I was regularly exercising and loved fitting into smaller, more stylish clothes. And, for some reason (shush, hubby, I don’t really want to know the scientific reason), I didn’t over eat so much and had more energy. I will have the hardest time working on this goal.

All of these goals are just for me. There are tons of goals I could add to help the kids or work on the house, but I really just feel like setting goals for the new year should be about how I can improve me. I truly believe that if I’m a happier, healthier person, I will be a better mom and wife.

How about you? Do you have any goals for the new year?