My son, G, and I have been working on some big ideas. He really, really wants to write a blog like mom, dad and his sister. He loves (I mean LOVES) the LegoMyPhoto blog. So, he thinks that he would like to make Legos and then write stories about them. My husband and I want to encourage him to write and be creative.

Our daughter has a blog, but it is not advertised on the web. She does not know her password, I have to log her in. We have very specific rules about what can and cannot be posted.  In fact, she’s not allowed to publish anything until I review it first. Same rules will apply for G.

I can’t share his URL yet.  We’ve decided to keep his blog private as he learns about internet safety and sees if this is something that he really wants to do.  Maybe some day.

I will share with you the first photo he posted.  He made his family out of Legos.  Check us out.

In “age” order (thanks G):  Mom, Dad, A, G and Baby E.  He wanted to make sure that you knew “he” was waving “hi”.