Even though today hasn’t been the best day, here I am.  My brain is a fog.

My day started with getting A and G up and out the door for school.  Actually, this was the best part of the day.  It went fairly smoothly.

Baby E decided to get up earlier than usual.  That was okay, I was already up.  He was soaked and his bed was soaked.  I picked out some clothes and readied my self for some morning laundry. Then came the first temper tantrum. He wanted his truck jammies ON, not off. He cried, I pulled and tried to explain.

You know, this will just take too long and I’m exhausted. So, we’re going with key words.

Mickey, apple juice, wipe snot from nose, spilled apple juice, rocket slammed in my face, tears and tantrum (not mine), breakfast on the go (no way he was sitting down), cereal bar, fruit, more Mickey (I’m a sucker), tantrums (I answered the phone), big truck (new fridge delivery), big smiles, wipe snot from nose (repeat every 5-10 minutes all day), books, lunch, yogurt, water, refused all other food, tears, no more mickey, tantrum and slam door on entertainment unit (him not me), nap time, diaper change, milk, rocking, bed, gate in door, ah! I get lunch – not!, cram 3 oreos in mouth, gate slams on hard wood floor, toddler runs, laundry basket emptied on floor, toddler back in bed, gate back in door, lunch – not, slamming, screeching, drawers opening, gate slams on floor, laundry and clothes from both dressers on floor, slip on fallen gate (yep, me), toddler laughing, mommy has a tantrum, toddler back in bed, tears (him), door slams (him), mom eats cold soup, toddler can’t get door back open, tantrum, kicking, screaming, tears, mom gives up, toddler back in living room, A home from school, snack, rocket hits my face again, tantrum (him), G home from school, snack, TV fights, computer time with G as promised, toddler climbing, eating laptop, hitting laptop, G plays with Baby E, thaw spaghetti sauce, mom works on Shutterfly order since sales and promos are almost over, hubby comes home, warm up sauce, cook noodles, cook garlic bread, hubby and A off to conferences, screaming (both boys), crying (Baby E), dinner on table, eating, clearing table, wiping down toddler arms, hands, face, seriously want to pass out, get the summary of conferences from hubby, get A to study for test tomorrow

Okay, so you get the point, pure craziness. I did get dressed in the morning before Baby E got up.  It was sweats and a long sleeved tee.  I lost it when trying to find G’s jammie bottoms in a clean clothes laundry basket.  Yeah, didn’t have time to fold.

Raising toddlers is not for the weak.  Raising a toddler with a tween and an emotional 8 year old is for crazy people.

I love them, but I’m sure glad that there’s a few more hours before it starts all over again. And, it’s a half day of school tomorrow! Save me!