My daughter and I had so much fun coming up with ideas for this Spa birthday party. Our giveaway goodies were a dishpan (to use for soaking feet), nail files, toe separators, 2 washcloths, cucumber peel off mask packet, nail polish and bath puffs.  We used them during the party too.

First, they put on their jammies and robes.  Then, they used a peach facial scrub followed by a mint julep mud masque from Sally Beauty Supply. While the masque was drying, they lounged on the couch and put sliced cucumbers on their eyes.

Tween Spa Birthday

We bought some magazines and had them laying on the tables.  They had fun reviewing the gossip and taking the teen quizzes. We had GL, J-14, Teen Vogue and People (we accidentally picked up the Spanish version, but they had fun, some of them even knew some Spanish).

After the facials, food, magazines and chatting, it was movie time. They watched Miss Congeniality and Legally Blonde while they soaked their feet in warm (okay hot) water and used Avon Foot Scrub and Lotion.  Then they painted their finger and toe nails.

After the first movie, we attempted to make homemade lip gloss. I had found this on Pinterest (where else?).

Although ours did not turn out as awesome as the photo above, I think I know what went wrong. We used 2 packets of Kool-Aid instead of one per 1 cup of petroleum jelly.  I would try it again sometime.  The lip gloss we made was still usable, it was just much darker in color than expected.

It was a fun night. I know they stayed up late.  Somewhere around 3 AM, I came out and told them to get to sleep.  LOL!

Come back tomorrow to hear all about the food and get the recipes.