Friday we celebrated football season being over by going out to dinner at Casa Real. (Football season for the kids and hubby.) It was so yummy! I think A has a new favorite restaurant. Their kids menu was very entertaining. Not only did it have dot-to-dot, coloring pages, tic-tac-toe, word search, maze and a dots board, but it had jokes at the back. Something for all ages.

So, to make your Sunday a little more funny, here are a few of our favorite jokes:

What day of the week do Chickens hate?               Fry – Day

What do you call two medicine men?                     Pair-a-medics!

Why do hamburgers go to the gym?                       To get better buns!

What has a bottom on it’s top?                                Your legs!

Why was Tigger looking down the toilet?             He was looking for Pooh.

Try them out on your favorite kids.  They are sure to love them!