There’s just so many creative ideas out there.  The hard part is narrowing those ideas down, choosing a few and get working.

I know that I want to make some Christmas gifts and have some fabric ordered that should be here any day. Some of my troubles (or fun, depends on the perspective) are that  I see an idea, but I want to modify it in some way. So, I’ll be spending some time this week in design mode.

Here’s just some of the ideas that have me thinking:

All photos link to their source.  Some of them even have tutorials. I just love the owls. On Pinterest someone mentioned filling them with rice and using them as hand warmers. How awesome would that be?

I’ll keep you posted on how the sewing is going, but I may not post any projects until after the holidays so I don’t spoil the surprise.

Are you doing any crafting or sewing for Christmas gifts?