Do you have one of those places in your home?  You know, that “safe place” where you put things that you don’t want to lose. Things like your keys, tickets to a concert, or even certain coupons that you know you’re going to need soon. I’m not talking really important documents like birth certificates or deeds to the house or something, hopefully those items make it to the real safe place – like an actual safe. Although, we have lost an item like that once or twice too. It probably got set down on the way to the safe and then it was lost.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we have lost something by putting it in a “safe place”. It’s so frustrating. Obviously, the safe place is so safe that no one can ever find it again. My favorite, the new proof of insurance that comes in the mail, but needs to be put in the car. Somehow it rarely makes it to the car.  I have gotten better.  Now, it at least makes it into my purse which is usually with me in the car.

It seems this “safe place” condition gets passed down from generation to generation. My kids are already showing signs. G couldn’t find his cub scout uniform this morning. Here we were at 7:45 AM going through his dresser and closet with a flashlight (Baby E was still sleeping). And, then it came… “Mom, don’t worry, I’m sure it’s in a safe place.”

We just need to learn to put things where they belong. Why do we think that putting things where they belong is not safe? Is there just too much going on that we think the “safe place” can hold the item until we have time to actually put it where it belongs? Maybe. I think it’s time to break the cycle and just learn that everything needs to go where it belongs in the first place – no more “safe place” – is this possible?

Are we the only ones with this problem?