I’ve finally made it to another You Capture!

This first shot is one that I took with my little pocket Canon camera.  You know, it’s just easier to grab for those shots when you just know the kids won’t be there when you get back if you try and go grab the “good” camera.

The kids were so excited that the leaves were starting to fall off the trees and wanted to rake them.  (No complaining here.)  They wanted to rake them in a pile so they could jump in and hide.  They had so much fun.  We had a Baby E sized rake so he could play too.  Just ignore G’s mouth.  He ran inside to grab some carrot sticks and had just stuffed them in his mouth.  I knew if I waited, Baby E would be off somewhere so I took my shot when I had the chance.

These other shots are outside my front door.  (I know, I really need to venture further. It’s been a tough fall already will bad weather and sick kids.)  I just love fall leaves.  I could take pictures of them all day.

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