We wanted to go to the zoo all summer.  Finally, in August, I insisted that we just pick a date and do it.  Then, we had to decide on which zoo.  There are 3 or so zoos within driving distance and at a variety of costs.  Eventually, we decided on the Detroit Zoo because polar bears and underground tunnels trump everything, right?

Afraid that we might not be able to see the entire zoo in one trip, we downloaded a map and circled out our route before we even got there.  We also determined that a Family Membership was just a little bit more expensive, but would totally pay for itself as long as we made another trip by the end of next August.

Here’s some of the great sites:

The weather was awesome and not too hot.  For some reason this made all the animals lazy.  Just look at the camels!  They were all laying down.  Even the polar bear was uncooperative.  We did have fun in the Australian exhibit.  You can walk right through it among the animals.  The kangaroo in the photo below is a mama and she had just finished feeding her baby.

The prairie dogs are always a favorite stop for the kids.  They love climbing into the tunnel so they can “pop” up right in the middle of the exhibit.  I think this may be one of A’s last time though.  She had a hard time fitting in the tunnel.

This was Baby E’s first time to the zoo and he loved it.  I was afraid that he would get fussy after an hour or so, but nope.  He was smiley and loved all the sights.  We stopped at a picnic area and enjoyed a picnic lunch among the peacocks.

Can’t wait to have more fun at the zoo!