Are you back to check out how to make a baby gate (or wall) for bunk stairs?  It was a simple project that came together very quickly (like less than 2 hours).  And, it’s still working!!  I know it hasn’t been that long (maybe a week) but Baby E hasn’t even tried getting over it — yet.

Here’s what I used to make the gate:

Denim Fabric (strong and soft, yet cotton material)
100% cotton quilter’s batting
Denim sewing machine needles
Gold denim top stitching thread
Upholstery tacks

baby gate supplies

How I made it:

  • We purchased a piece of plywood that was 21 inches by 26 inches.  I measured the width of the bunk stairs opening at 22 inches and measured the height of one of my baby gates at 30 inches.  Thinking that 30 inches would be a little too high for stepping down to a lower step, I decided that the height of our gate would be 26 inches.  To allow room for fabric and padding, I planned our gate width to be 21 inches.
  • I cut my piece of denim and batting at 60 inches by 23 inches. This way only 2 sides would need to be sewn, making a pocket for the plywood.
  • For decorative purposes and to attach the batting to the fabric, I sewed 3 zig-zag lines down the full 60 inch length of the denim/batting.  I also sewed 2 zig-zag lines across the width. Hint – to make it easier to sew straight lines, I used painter’s tape on the fabric to use as guides.
  • Next, right sides together (folded in half with the denim on the inside), I sewed up the sides using a straight stitch.
  • Turn out the pocket and gently wiggle the plywood inside.
  • There was about 4 inches left at the top.  I tucked in one side and tried to fold the other side of the fabric (like you would wrapping a present).  I used a hammer to attach upholstery tacks to close up the top (see photo).
baby gate tacks

It fits nice and snug in a small space between the end of second to bottom stair and the trim on the sidewalls. G could get it out if he really tried, but there’s no way that Baby E could get it out.

baby gate for bunk steps

You can check out more “finished” photos in yesterday’s post.  Ah, piece of mind…   How do you other parents handle the bunk bed safety issue?