Well, the first day of school has come and gone.  I am so happy to have everyone back on a routine.  Baby E is having a grand ole time ruling the house during the day.  Better yet, he’s sleeping so much better now that he’s back on some sort of routine.

Here’s some of those 1st Day of School photos that you all are looking for:

But, the peace sure hasn’t lasted long.  Between Cheerleading and Football, the evenings have been crazy here.  Football practice is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – whew!  The kid is exhausted.  It’s week 2 of school and football and the kid is starting to crack.  He breaks down into tears over little things and is picking fights with everyone.  I’m thinking that it’s time to back up the bedtime and that will be challenging.  He doesn’t get home from practice until 7:30 ish and then it’s dinner time.  And, WHEW does that boy stink!  So, it’s dinner then shower.  Very easily we’re pushing after 9 PM.  I’ll keep you posted.

Cheerleading isn’t so bad.  The ending times are the same, but A is 12 and this is her 5th year so it’s old hat to her.  It also helps that practices are only Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Her biggest complaint is that she wants more time to read.  She’s constantly trying to push out the bedtime for a few more pages.

Hubby is back to school (teacher).  He also coaches football at his school and then heads up to G’s practice to help coach there.  Poor guy, he’s away from home more than he’s here most days. Hmmm, and the house is so much cleaner when he’s back to work.  I wonder why that is?  It’s not like he is a huge mess maker…. or is he?  Hmmmmm….

I’m running on exhausted, but I’m sure I have no room for complaint compared to the rest of my family.

Welcome to “Back to School”