It’s official.  I’m addicted to Pinterest.  In case you don’t know about Pinterest, it’s a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share things you love (or want to try making).  You can browse other people’s pinboards too.  I’m using some of my boards to gather remodeling ideas, crafting ideas, and even recipes.  You could even collaborate on a project with others and allow others to pin to your boards.

Here are some of my recent pins:

What a cute kid craft!  I’ve totally got to try this with Baby E.  Maybe when he’s a wee bit older.

Oh! And, I’ve made these bars and they are YUMMY!!! You must try them!

Albus Dumbledore  – I love all his quotes and now I have a Harry Potter pinboard to save his quotes and all things Harry Potter.

A recipe for Moonsand! Awesome!  The kids will love it!

Of course there’s fashion! For those of you that know me for the t-shirt and jeans style that I wear all the time, don’t laugh.  Maybe I can step it up – some day.  I just love the green and purple colors together.

When you pin something, Pinterest saves the link for you.  So, if you go to my boards, you can find my pins and click on them to find the source – recipes, directions, etc.

Currently, Pinterest is invite-only.  So, how do you get an account?  Send me a message and I’ll invite you.  See, that was easy.

I must get back to pinning now.