Another summer is here.  The kids are out of school.   They’ve had a few weeks to kick back and relax.  They’ve stayed up late, slept in, and watched tons of TV.  Now, it’s time to settle into a new routine.  As fun as it is, it’s just not good for you to watch TV all day and stay up late (it’s really not good for mom).

So, new house rules have been reviewed and posted.  We disguise the “rules” by naming them Summer Vacation Orientation.  I took last year’s list and tweaked it just a little.  Here’s what made our list:

  • Beds will be made before lunchtime (no later than 12:00 PM) or going outside to play
  • Jammies will be put in your laundry baskets and you will be dressed for the day by lunchtime (no later than 12:00 PM)
  • Screen times (Computer, TV, Wii, DS, etc.) will be limited to 3 hours per day (unless it is a rainy day, declared movie day/night, traveling or other special occasion)
  • Playing outside is required for at least 1 hour per day – weather permitting
  • All chores on chore day will be completed before going outside or playing with friends
  • Helping Mom or Dad with Baby E is required so we can work on things around the house or run errands.  A log will be kept and special rewards or money will be given weekly
  • Any toys or items brought out during the day (inside and outside) will be picked up before bedtime
  • Bedtime is 10 PM, unless there is a special event
  • Bathing/Showers will occur at a minimum every other day

We also voted on which day would be cleaning day.  The kids are going to do some chores and help around the house.  They’ve always had responsibilities (that they don’t get paid for) but we’re pretty easy on them during the school year and they don’t have chores.  I’m thinkin’ that needs to change, but I’ll worry about that later.  Anyway, hubby and I decided that they’d get their age as their allowance for completing all the chores on their list.  I’ll print out their list and after each chore is completed, hubby or I will initial it.  When their list is all signed off, they can turn it in for their cash.

I still think they have it pretty easy, but I’m going to love getting some help around the house.  What do you do during the summer?