I love playing in Photoshop.  I am by no means an expert. I really only know a few tricks.  Every time I use this software I learn something new.  (And, I’m only using Photoshop’s little brother – Photoshop Elements.)  Anyway, when G told me that he wanted to have a Lego themed birthday, I knew that I was going try and make the invitations.

I searched for ideas on the internet (like I normally do) and I found great invitations on tons of blogs .  I knew I wanted to use the theme of the Minifigures that G was collecting.  So, off to the Lego website.  I downloaded (in their Downloads section) the Series 4 Wallpaper (below).

I loved that this Wallpaper had all 16 of the Series 4 Minifigures, but I did not want to have an orange background.  I first cropped the image so I was left with just the minifigures and started playing with the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop Elements.  It took a little while to do, but I was happy with the results. If you don’t know how to use the Quick Selection Tool, watch this tutorial by ElementsBox.com.

I created a new file that was 4 inches x 5 inches.  I wanted to make my invitations 1/4 of a sheet of paper so I could print 4 to a page and then copied my minifigure image into my new file.  From there I adjusted the image to the size I wanted.

I downloaded #268 Lego font from typenow.net.  I’d love to give credit to the blog that mentioned this font, but I have at least 3 posts bookmarked that mentioned it.  One of the best places to start looking for more Lego themed party ideas is Tip Junkie (I’m linking you directly to her Lego themed post).  She links tons of outside posts and is where I started looking for ideas.

Okay, so new file with minifigures, I used the Lego font to add the text in the color and size that I wanted. You can flatten your layers and save it all as a JPG file (be sure to save your file as a PSD file first in case you want to make any edits) and print 4 to a page on your home printer.

I also created another file that included the important information  – When, Where, RSVP.  In the end, I cut orange card stock to 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches and used scrapbook adhesive to attach the invitation front to one side and the back to the other side.  I used Invitation sized envelopes (available at Staples, Office Max, etc) to mail the invites.

Come back tomorrow for How to Make Lego Marshmallow Pops.


Update: I’ve gotten a few e-mails about the Lego font link no longer working. Here’s a another site that has the font – urbanfonts