I’ve been missing lately. It’s summer vacation here and we’ve been running nonstop. It all started with the last day of school. Both kids gave me a hard time about wanting to take their pictures on the last day of school. Here’s what I’ve got.


They kind of made me feel like paparazzi. Oh well. I guess they’re just getting to that age.  At least G didn’t cover his face.

Then, we took off on a road trip to Cedar Point. It’s a big family event – aunts, uncles, cousins, I think we had about 19 family members there. A fun time was had by all. Even Baby E had a blast. He wanted to “go-go” all day. We spent the night at a hotel at the park. When Baby E woke up, the first thing he said was “go-go” – the kid was nonstop motion.

G insisted that I get a photo of him sharing a cookie with Snoopy.  He’s such a ham!

I am hoping that things are calming down a little. I need to just settle into our new routine. With all the things on our to-do list for the summer, I have this feeling that we’re going to be running all summer. There’s the beach, library, zoo, summer camps, family reunions, visits with grandparents and more to come. Who ever called it the “lazy days of summer” sure doesn’t know my family.