So, yeah, I’ve known for a while that Baby E is a toddler, but really how did that happen so fast?  He is 18 months now.  I really can’t believe it.

He can do so many things on his own now.  He climbs, walks, runs.  His vocabulary has grown like crazy in the last month.  He says Mommy, Dadad, key-key (kitty), ball, cheese, car, bus, bye-bye, apple and so much more.  He pushes cars down ramps, plays catch, and loves exploring outside.  He loves, loves, loves books.  Be careful, if you’re over, you might get a book forced into your hands so you can read it to him.

Here’s my baby toddler, all ready for the royal wedding.  I found G’s old tap jacket and it worked great!  He only wore it for a few minutes that day, but he looked adorable.

Here are a few more photos of him on Mother’s Day.

And look! My baby toddler is wearing real shoes!!!  He goes barefoot inside and before walking his shoe was Robeez.  Sniff, sniff.  They don’t fit anymore.

This growing up stuff is really hard on Momma’s.