Yep, I’m allergic to Spring.  Yes, it’s possible.  Pretty much for the whole season, I’m stuffy, sneezy and itchy.  Somehow it seems that Spring sprang this past weekend.  It all hit me so fast that I thought I was on my way to another sinus infection.  Ugh!

We had two beautiful and hot days in a row – that’s what probably did it.  That’s when we found out our air conditioning needed repair.  It’s not a good time to find that out.  You see, I must take cover immediately when the pollen decides to come out and play.  I must be inside and with filtered air.  If not, a sinus infection is my punishment.

Yes, I’m one of “those” people who hibernate in Spring.  It’s kind of sad really, I’d like to be outside with Baby E, letting him explore the outdoors and play with bubbles or riding toys.  But, I can’t… not unless he wants a Mama that will be cranky, stuffy and pretty darn sick for several days.

So, I’m sorry I’ve been missing.  I’ve been seriously nursing this ick.  I can breathe without sniffling and it didn’t require a doctor visit.  Yay!  I’ve got those Zyrtec-D’s on a every 12 hour cycle until the pollen subsides.  Whew!  I count myself lucky this time.  Oh! And our air conditioning is fixed!!  Thank you to the awesome guy that came and fixed it!

One another note, here’s some tulips from my front flower box.  Aren’t they pretty?  I’m not ready for them to die off just yet.

I hope Spring is going well for you!