Well, I’ve covered the Toddlers and Tweens, I might as well finish it off with what my son, G, likes to watch.  So, this will probably cover Kindergarten through 3rd grade-ish.  Please note that girls can watch these shows too.  In fact, A will often watch all of these with G.  I’ve been known to sit down and veg out to these shows too.

G’s absolute favorite TV show right now is Big Time Rush.  It’s about a group of teen boys from Minnesota that are trying to make it as a rock band.  They’re super goofy and the show is light and funny.  Yes, they are teens so you get a little boyfriend/girlfriend stuff going on.  It’s all lighthearted fun.  I think I’ve seen a smooch or two but nothing more than that.  Seriously, your kids will get more exposure to kissing and such by being out in public.

The next show that gets the most TV viewing is Penguins of Madagascar.  Oh my, these penguins are funny.  Again, goofy and funny is the core of the show.  Who wouldn’t love sarcastic, secret agent penguins?  One of my favorite episodes is when they are “babysitting” an egg.  Each penguin takes their turn at watching (or training) “Eggy.”

Phineas and Ferb is also a hit at our house.  We’ll all watch that one.  Disney did a great job of writing this show.  There’s humor for kids and adults.  There’s the two boys, their sister (who’s always trying to bust them), a platypus (who is also Agent P), and, of course, and evil scientist.  There’s usually some sort of song that goes with each episode.  My favorite is Squirrels in My Pants.

And then there’s Spongebob.  Who doesn’t know Spongebob Squarepants?  I don’t really have to put an image of him up here, do I?  I tried finding one and then almost got one of those nasty viruses when doing a Google search.  So, you don’t get a photo.  But, if you don’t know who he is, you can follow my link.  Anyway, boy humor – it’s got it all.  Just be careful.  A used to watch this show when G was younger.  One day when hubby and I were talking, G walked up to me and said “Mom, shut your pie hole!”  I was shocked.  I didn’t make the connection to where he had heard this comment and we certainly don’t talk like that in our house.  A few weeks later, I heard those words again from the TV screen and it was either Squidward or Mr. Crabs.  Obviously, G was talked to about not repeating such words again and Spongebob isn’t watched as much anymore.

Ah, the wonderful world of TV.  There you have it.  All the shows my kids are watching from Toddler to Tweens.