Sunday 4 out of 5 us were down with some icky sinus virus. The hubs and I officially declared it a rest and relax day (which includes wearing jammies all day). The kids were overjoyed (okay, I was too). Baby E loved this new idea. He has just recently learned how to zip and unzip his blanket sleepers. The zipper was up and down all day.

At one point, Baby E was giving me his sheepish smile. You know, that one that says “I’m so funny and very, very pleased with myself.” Upon closer investigation, I discovered that he found some new storage.

I thought that I’d be helpful and get all that stuff out of his jammies only to find that I made him very angry. He quickly screeched, pulled away and started to refill his jammies.

So silly and so funny. I let him have his fun and he walked around with his extra storage for probably a couple of hours.