I used to think our house was full of new technology.  Ha ha!  Well, 3 kids later, we have technology but not the new stuff.  I guess too much money is spent just surviving these days.

So, technology, huh?   Well, the new technology to me (probably not many else) is Twitter.  My husband has encouraged me to add a Twitter account to my repertoire.  I’ll be honest.  This one totally confused me.  So, I created an account and found out that many of my favorite bloggers tweet.  Wow!  So, cool!

And then there’s the technology that I use everyday, my laptop.  I just love shiny keyboards.

Amidst all this technology today was a fine example of nature.  These lovely birds were on the railing of my deck this morning.  Aren’t they adorable?  My kitty didn’t think so.  She was making all sorts of chattering noises at them.

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PhotobucketSee ya all next week!