Obviously I’m very focused on food lately. G loves mac and cheese – as long as it’s the Kraft version. It can’t be homemade or even the Kraft Deluxe, just the plain old blue box of Macaroni and Cheese. He hasn’t had it in quite a while. When I realized how many artificial ingredients were in there, I decided that we weren’t going to be eating it anymore.

Recently, I discovered that Annie’s Homegrown makes a natural macaroni and cheese. So, I bought some thinking that I’d try it out for lunch on one of G’s half days this week. Well, we tried it yesterday and it passed his test. He really liked it and he even ate his entire serving! We’ve found a winner! Yay! Finally something I can feel better about feeding the kids – no chemicals, no genetically engineered ingredients, it’s even more nutritious!

If you are looking for an alternative, give this one a try!