Today’s You Capture is Things That Start with “L” and it was pretty fun!  The letter L follows me everywhere, especially in kid toys.

This is Lovely Lion.  Baby E got him last year for Valentine’s Day.  He’s a cute little stuffy that giggles when you press his paw.  Be careful, if you pull his tail he meows.  Baby E just loves his lion.

Next comes Little People.  They made their debut again around Baby E’s first birthday.  Although, we recently found the “baby” in sister’s old toy box.  Since then, Baby E likes to carry baby everywhere.  And, he sure doesn’t think that baby is too young to pilot the plane.

Last, what would be an L post without Legos.  G loves his legos – that’s probably an understatement.  We have Egyptian legos, Star Wars legos, and even Harry Potter legos.  I sneaked downstairs (ok, the kids are in school so I didn’t have to sneak, but I made sure to NOT move anything) and found the perfect setup.  This owl is perched on a counter inside Hagrid’s Hut.  Hagrid’s Hut is looking a little messy, but I wasn’t going to clean.

If you have a boy that loves Legos, you must check out this blog – a Lego a day.  The author is doing a 365 photo challenge with Legos.  He has a great sense of humor and his photos are awesome.

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