Well, I needed a relaxing day and I got one! Yay!  I thought the Monster Storm was going to be a fake out when I woke up.  It didn’t look so bad.  Of course, I was inside and didn’t have to go outside for any reason.  The snow picked up mid-morning and then it looked like we were getting a storm.  Maybe it was those college days in the UP of Michigan that’s made me think winters here are wimpy.

First, I attempted to get some snowflake photos.  I had read an article in the Clickin Moms new e-zine Click and wanted to try it out.  I know now that I need a macro lens to get the kind of photos I want.  So, I just added a few items to my ever growing wish list:  Macro lens, and Clickin Moms membership.  Here’s the only photo that turned out (after some cropping) with my standard lens.

We also moved A’s old toy box up from the basement for Baby E to use for his toys.  We found some old toys inside just perfect for Baby E too.  We cleaned it up and now our living room looks so much cleaner (when the toys are put away, which will be nap time and bedtime).

Then, it was time to make some cookies.  I started my morning with some coffee and surfing through All Recipes to find the perfect recipe.  I saved several, read some reviews and finally picked one.  They made the house smell so good.  AND, they were yummy!  Oh yeah, so yummy.  I don’t think that they’ll last until tomorrow.  The recipe I chose was called Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie and um, yeah this is my new recipe.  No need to go anywhere else, these are the best!  The recipe said it would make 18, but I did not measure out the 1/4 cup for each cookie.  I just used a large spoon and measured out a handful.  I ended up with just over 2 dozen.  Here’s a look, bet you wish you could smell them!

The kids went outside to get in some snow fun too.

And look who’s smiling again!

Well, as I type, we just got the call that there’s no school tomorrow.  How will we spend the day?  The big kid arguing is driving me nuts!  I better come up with a plan!