During the last several weeks Baby E and I have finally gotten into the groove of our new routine.  It’s wonderful.  I had been so down about how things were going at the beginning of the year.  It’s taken a while but now that I’ve made some changes, things are going much better.

We tried having A get herself up in the morning.  I showed her how to set her alarm clock and the alarm clock works just fine.  She just doesn’t wake up to the loud noise that it makes.  I am down the hall and it wakes me up with a jolt and a panic because it’s so loud in the quiet house that I’m afraid that it’s going to wake Baby E.  For several days, I ran into her room only to climb over the crap on the floor to get to that clock to shut it off.  She was sound asleep.  So, her alarm clock is no longer set and mine wakes me up so I can get her up.

After I wake her up, I go back to bed and get up a few minutes before she leaves for the bus stop.  I get up for the day, make the bed and get dressed for the day.  You wouldn’t believe what a difference this makes.

The rest of the day has been working out well too.  The house has been cleaner.  Yay!  We’ve gone for a few mall walks and have had a few visitors. Baby E has been learning his letters with Fridge Phonics and learning a little about hand-eye coordination and shapes with a Fishing Puzzle thanks to a Target gift card he was given for Christmas.

Links to Amazon (Target didn't have this online)

I know neither toy is really for a 14 month old.  He only plays with these when he’s supervised for a few minutes and then it gets put away.  It’s only used during our learning time.  He gets so excited when I bring these things out.

Here’s hoping that our new routine continues to work for us.