Today I really, really enjoyed being a stay-at-home-mom.  Baby E was in a great mood.  He brought me books to read to him and we played chase.  I chased him from one end of the living room to the other, where I would finally catch him.  I would then take him to the couch and tickle him.  He giggled and giggled.  We giggled.  Then he would get up to start all over again.  We played like this for a long time and it will always be one of my favorite moments.  How can sharing giggles with a 15 month old NOT be a favorite moment?

There’s Baby E with his Alligator!  He loves it!  He also loves the Playhouse Disney show Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? (I’d include a picture but Disney has their website locked down and a Terms of Use policy to worry about – sorry.)  The tune is so catchy.  I always sing him the intro song when I see him playing with his alligator.  He tries so hard to say alligator, but he just can’t – it’s so cute!

I hope the rest of the week is this fun — it will be 😉  Oh! And today is Baby E’s 15 Month Birthday!!  Happy 15 Months, baby!!