It’s been crazy here.  Poor Baby E went from teething right down to fevers, runny nose and a cough in record time.  Yesterday he was so lethargic that he only wanted to be held (which is very unusual for him).  He wouldn’t eat or play with toys.  By bedtime, he was burning up with a temp of 103.8 so we called the doctor.  He told us to go to the ER.  Luckily, we have a pediatric ER near us.  I stayed home with the big kids while hubby took Baby E.  After 3 or so hours, our worries were put to rest and we found out he had an ear infection.

Today, we relaxed after a few errands in the morning (prescription to drop off/pick up and dropping of A to school late – she needed some more z’s).  Baby E and I both took a nap.  He even ate some food today, yay!

Now, we’re all bracing ourselves for the Monster Storm headed our way.  We could be getting a foot or so of snow overnight.  Thankfully, the schools have already canceled and Baby E is on the mend.  We can all get cozy in our blankets and hopefully get a good night sleep.

I’m thinking slow cooker dinner, hot cocoa, movies and maybe even chocolate chip cookies are in the works for tomorrow.  How do you spend your snow days?