Great idea!  Our outside has gone from fall to winter very quickly.  I must admit that all my photos are ones I could take while standing inside (leaning outside).  Our temperatures have been in the negatives the last few days and I had no desire to be outside then.  Also,  I figured that since I’m sentenced to wear this knee brace for another 5 weeks, my doctor would not be pleased if I reported back with some sorry excuse about slipping on the ice while trying to take photos.

Yesterday morning I while I was attempting to feed Ethan his breakfast, I noticed how sparkly the snow was.  I just loved how the sunlight was casting some cool shadows and LOVED the sparkly.

Believe it or not some of my photos this week were taken in Manual.  Yes, you read that correctly.  🙂  I remembered from photography class that when capturing snow, you need to bracket.  So, I did.  I’m a little bummed that the sparkly didn’t show up as much as I could see in real life.  Unless there’s some trick out there, it seems like you can either have white snow or an overexposed photo with blue snow and sparkly.  If any of you know a trick, please do share!

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