This past weekend we attended a wedding.  The hubs’ cousin was married to a wonderful and beautiful woman.  We had so much fun.  The whole family was invited – even Baby E.  When the invitation arrived with his name on it, I looked at in disbelief.  But, it turned out okay.  Baby E was wonderful and outlasted several other children.

Baby E and G were actually wearing sweaters, it just got too hot with all the dancing.

Another really cool treat were the party favors.  I’ve been told that this is a new wedding trend.  There was a jar at each place and a table up front with loads of different candy (in the wedding colors).  You took your jar up to the table and filled it up with sweet treats!  How yummy!  And what a fast way to get those children sugar loaded!  No, really my kids were great.  We didn’t have any sugar overloaded kids running around – just the normal variety.

It was a beautiful ceremony and reception.  We had a wonderful time.  We wish you many years of happiness and love!