You might say “battle” but really, it’s been such trouble, I call it war.  Baby E has decided that he doesn’t like to eat; or, at least, eat in a manner that doesn’t create walls and floors and mommy covered in flung food.  He just fights and fights.  It looks like I need to come up with some new miracle strategy.  Any ideas?

He grabs the spoon as it gets close to his mouth.  I hold on for fear of losing control and having oatmeal (or any other sloppy food) all over the place.  Then, I start to pull the spoon back, he fights and holds on even more.  When I least expect it, he lets go and I end up wearing oatmeal.  Ugh!  Not even dressed for 10 minutes and I’m covered in food.

Sometimes I put a few puffs on his tray so he can feed himself.  Well, he’s figured out that if he uses his finger to press on one side, he can get it to fly across the room and onto the floor.  He thinks this is funny.

If I can get him to give up the spoon fight for a while, he just moves on to new tactics.  He bites down on the spoon when I put it into his mouth so I can’t pull it out.  He laughs while I attempt to remove the spoon.  Again, if I’m not careful, he lets go and watches stuff fling in the air and land on me or the floor.

One of my least favorite things is when he holds the food in his mouth for an extended period of time.  Then he opens his mouth and the saliva and food come pouring down his chin and cover his clothes.

I totally buy into the theory of watching for cues for when baby is full.  But, he does this all the time.  He does it even after he’s not eaten for several hours.  I guess it’s just part of the whole “fun” of raising a toddler.  He’s a toddler, right?

Don’t even get me started on the battles over wearing a bib.  He has figured out that if he pulls hard enough, the Velcro will eventually let go and the bib can come off.

Dear readers, do you have any ideas for me?  Really, do share.  I need new strategies.  Seriously, he quickly adapts to my new strategies.  I’m going to need several.