Is it really French?  I have no clue.  It’s just what we call it.  My mom used to make this for dinner on a hot summer day.  It was one of our favorite dinners.  Now, I make it for my family and it doesn’t even have to be summer.  Summertime does help with the fresh fruit part.  The kids LOVE this dinner.

French Dinner

Block cheese, sliced (2-3 varieties are great)
Summer Sausage, sliced
French bread, sliced (maybe this is where the French Dinner gets its title?)
Fresh fruit, cut into small pieces (when we can, we use strawberries, melon, and kiwi)
Seedless grapes

All you have to do is put everything on a couple serving plates and enjoy!  For the adults, this dinner goes great with wine.  Maybe a French wine?

If you want to add some vegetables, you could add carrot and celery sticks or any other veggie that you think would be yummy.

I hope this dinner is a hit at your house too.